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Not Your Average Running Playlist #3

Why do all running playlists sound the same? Surely big booming beats and deep bass aren’t the only songs suitable for running to.

Here at Bookhounds, we like to do things differently. And that includes the music we listen to while out running. 

What does your dream running playlist sound like?

The third in our series of Not Your Average Running Playlists is curated by our Sound Hound Jak.

Jak’s Notes

I guess I’m that annoying friend who says they like a bit of everything (but I like to think I’m the cool version).

This playlist is full of memories and great running vibes: it starts with a good steady off-the-blocks track, then you’re away! Hopefully it’ll keep you at a pace you’re comfortable with, throwing in plenty of variety to keep things interesting, and finishing off with some classic tunes that I love, to give you a boost towards the end (if you time it right, you’ll get the perfect sprint finish – just remember to stretch afterwards).

I thoroughly enjoyed making it – I think my career as a DJ might be forthcoming..!

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