For the love of running and reading

While respecting people and planet

We're geeky about running. We're also geeky about our social and environmental responsibilities.

Bookhounds is a small business that aims to have a big impact. We want to inspire people from all walks of life to find joy in running and reading. We promise to consider the impact of everything we do on both the environment and our diverse community of runners.


There are so many reasons why we love running. But one of the most important reasons is because running is, at least in theory, an inclusive sport. All you need to start running is a pair of running shoes and an open road. As a club, we want to be welcoming and inclusive for everyone, no matter their background or their running experience. We are committed to representing the diversity of the running community through our work although this won’t always be easy. There are underrepresented voices in both sports and publishing; we want to help to amplify these voices.


As runners, being outdoors is part of our passion. As such, we want to protect and respect our planet. While we recognise that book publishing isn’t the greenest of industries, we’re working hard to make sure we keep our operations as clean as possible. We are committed to avoiding single use plastics, using recycled and (easily) recyclable materials and finding smart ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re working towards becoming carbon neutral but until then, one of our two Bookhounds charity partners will always be an environment charity.


We aim to nurture a sense of community. Bookhounds presents opportunities to share with like-minded people; geeky runners, people who love reading and those searching for inspiration. We have created Community Guidelines to help frame our online groups and chats, which include simple but important ideas such as respecting people’s pronouns and gender identities, using respectful language and avoiding slurs or hate speech. Everyone is welcome at Bookhounds, whether or not you fit the stereotypical runners mould. In fact, we're breaking that old mould - join us!