curry meal for runners

What’s The Best Post-Run Meal You’ve Ever Eaten?

Food is such an important part of a runner’s life. Running nutrition is a whole genre of books, straddling health and fitness, diet fads and runner specific cook books.

And there’s a mountain of debate around what the best diet is for a runner, be it vegan, low carb high fat, paleo or otherwise. Yep food is a big deal. 

But I’m not interested in telling you what or how to eat, I just want to celebrate those golden food-related running moments. You know the ones. You strode home after a long, muddy run and you found exactly what you were looking for in the pantry. Or an hour after crossing the finish line, and you’re enjoying the best pub meal of your life.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten after you’ve finished a run?

It is a question I always ask our Bookhounds Member of the Month and we’ve had some brilliant answers. Our Egg dreamily recalls a freshly baked pie with mushy peas after the chilly Hathersage Fell Race in 2019. While our Jo fondly remembers taking her kids for an excellent lunch at an Italian restaurant in Liverpool’s Albert Dock, post-10km race.

After my first marathon, still walking like a drunken cowgirl, I managed to stumble my way into a branch of Greggs. That vegan sausage roll, nibbled from a paper bag. I have no words. It was better than the finest gourmet meal, hands down. 

In April 2020 I was due to attempt my first ultra marathon. You all know what happened next, and worse, the race company folded, only to restart under a different name, with my £50 race fee lost in administration. While out on a summer run (where I get all my best ideas!) it occurred to me that I didn’t really need to pay a company to organise an ultra for me. I could run a long route around my city, Liverpool. With my 36th birthday on the horizon, it made sense that I should attempt a mile for every year of my life. But how could I run 36 miles unsupported? I asked my team from GoodGym Liverpool if they wanted to get involved and run different sections (plus bring me food and drink) throughout the day and happily, 15 runners got involved.

It was probably the best birthday party I’ve ever thrown. Certainly the most unusual. And with a lot of help from my friends and with Bookhounds Sound Hound Jak sticking at my side for the whole route, my dream of running an ultra became a reality.

Back home, post-shower, my partner (aka Bookhounds Deputy Dog Emma) presented me with a warm bowl of minestrone soup. That simple but delicious mix of protein-packed beans, carb-laden pasta and hydrating liquid felt like the food of champions. I’d go as far as saying, it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten post-run. Follow Emma’s recipe here >>

One of the joys of being a distance runner and a foodie is that two hours later, I was ready to eat again. A birthday banquet from my favourite Indian restaurant soon followed. Scrumptious!    

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten after a run? Let me know in the comments or on our Instagram page.