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5 Running Podcasts You Should Listen To

There are now over 2 million podcasts online. Two! Million! With so many to sift through, how do we sort the wheat from the chaff?

I’m always on the hunt for podcasts about running to inspire my long runs, but I’ve had mixed success. I’ve spent many, many hours listening to running podcasts, getting through some cracking shows and wishing others would end a little faster. To save our readers’ time, I’m here to share my faves. 

I listen to some of the best known running podcasts, but I love an underdog. So here are 5 running podcasts that you might not have heard of but really should be listening to.   

The Big Run Podcast

Host Danny is surely one of the very best interviewers in the world of running podcasts. His dedication to research, active listening and ability to ask gently probing questions makes The Big Run podcast head and shoulders above so many others. His rostrum of interviewees includes feminist running icon Kathrine Switzer, legendary race Director Lazarus Lake, and (spot the odd one out) yours truly!

The Pyllars Podcast

Dylan Bowman is having a moment. After collecting a plethora of FKTs last year, he romped home in second place at last month’s Hardrock 100 (considered one of the hardest ultra races). As well as being an excellent runner, he’s pretty good at chatting too! In the Pyllars Podcast Dylan chats with the top names in the sport. He’s also increasingly putting out quality content on the Pyllars YouTube channel too. 

The Outdoors Fix

Not strictly a running podcast, but I wanted to give The Outdoors Fix a shout out for being an excellent British-based broadcast about life in the wild. Host Liv Bolton aims to make adventures outdoors a bigger part of your life. What could be better? I’m in! Hiking, wild swimming, biking and climbing all feature in this round-up of everyday people’s stories, all linked through a shared love of life outdoors. 

Humans of Ultrarunning

Candice Burt knows what she’s talking about. Professional runner and adventure business owner, she recently bagged the women’s unsupported FKT for the 170 mile Tahoe Rim Trail. The podcast is all about runner’s stories, the why and what of ultra runners and their lives. As well as being a full-time badass, Candice writes poetry in her spare time and her love of words and stories shines through to the podcast.

Bookhounds: The Run Down

Of course we had to include our own little pod. Presented by lil old me together with our Sound Hound Jak, each month we invite a special guest to join us as we review our Bookhounds Book of the Month. If you love books and you love running, this is the podcast for you. Expect plenty of book chat, lots of running fun and a good few random tangents. You’re welcome!

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