How it works

This is your club; a space to learn and share your passions for reading and running.

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Every month you get an inspiring book celebrating runners' stories.

bookhounds podcast

Fascinating members only content is released to widen your thinking.

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We enjoy a lively discussion through online events and forums.

For people who love reading and running. Are you a Bookhound?

Are you a Bookhound?

Join the book lovers running club

It is really simple. Every month, you’ll get an inspiring new book celebrating runners’ stories, delivered directly to your door.

Next, we release a podcast sharing reflections on the book, an author interview and start-up a conversation in the Bookhounds goodreads group. We encourage all Bookhounds to get involved in the conversation and share their thoughts and feelings on the book. But you’re just as welcome to sit back and listen.

When you join us you aren’t just a subscriber, you are a Bookhound. This is your club; a space to learn and share your passions for reading and running.

Join the club and you get:

BOOKS: A new paperback book, carefully chosen to inspire your running and connect you to a diverse community of runners, delivered directly to your door every month;

CONTENT: Access to members only online content including author interviews, blogs, videos and virtual events;

COMMUNITY: A chance to listen and share thoughts on the books and on running with a like-minded community, through our podcast, goodreads group and other platforms;

NEWS: A monthly curated newsletter featuring the most inspiring articles and timely stories about running from around the globe;

MERCH: Exclusive access to Bookhounds quality running merchandise;

OFFERS: Discounts and special offers on relevant brands and products;

DONATION: A monthly contribution towards Bookhounds’ chosen charities.