We’re investing in grassroots running, not lining Zuckerberg’s pockets

We started this lovely club with a humble ambition to inspire folks from all walks of life to enjoy running.

And it is important to us from day one that our little company puts as much good into the world as possible.

That’s why we’re committed to becoming carbon neutral in our first year. It is also why every Bookhounds subscription supports charity partners whose missions aligns with our social and environmental values.  

The thing is, we can’t do any of this, if no one has ever heard of Bookhounds. We need to get the word out and build momentum. 

The tried and tested option these days is to sink a company’s marketing budget into targeted social media adverts. These giant tech companies are rolling in cash and many of them seem to do more harm than good. Surely our modest (read: tiny!) marketing budget could be better spent elsewhere?

What if we could promote Bookhounds AND support great organisations?    

Enter the Bookhounds “Partner Clubs” programme.

Open to any registered running club or sports-based community organisation, through our Partner Clubs programme, we’re investing in grassroots running. It is a super simple model and it could work for YOUR club. 

When a club signs up for the programme, we generate a unique coupon code for that club. The club shares Bookhounds with its members. Then when a member subscribes using their code, we make a donation to the club. Easy as that!

Look sharp! For the first two weeks after launching, from 8 – 22 January, we’ll donate £2.50 for every member who subscribes. After that (and indefinitely) we’ll donate £1.25 per new subscription. So if you have plenty of geeky runners in your club, the money will soon add up. 

There is no upper limit and we want to support grassroots running as much as we can. So what are you waiting for?

Want to know more? Email Char on hello@bookhounds.club