Yan Ding

Member of the Month #7

We love showcasing our fantastic members. This month say hello to Yan.

Name: Yan Ding (she/her)

Hometown: Ruichang, China

Current location: Wirral

Occupation: Researcher

Running style: Slow and steady, running in parks and riverside

What’s your favourite book about running? 

Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong. An excellent story of personal tragedy followed by the kindness of others and the determination and perseverance to rise above adversity. It’s a book of hope. 

What’s your most unusual mid-run snack?

Well, I don’t really have unusual mid-run snack. Recently, Trek Protein flapjacks – salted caramel is my favourite.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten post-run/race?

Kidney bean quesadilla with vegan cheese! Easy and quick to make, nutritious and delicious, and occasionally, I can make it beautifully! It’s always a comfort for me to have kidney bean quesadilla after my parkrun!

Tell us about a memorable run you’ve been on and why.
The Philippine Red Cross Million Volunteer Run. I did it back in 2013 together with around 700,000 people. I barely had the space to run in the first kilometre! But it was such a joy to join a cheerful and energetic crowd at 5 am in darkness and experience the beautiful sunrise at Manila Bay.

Recommend a race for other Bookhounds to try.

I don’t really have a race to recommend. Just want to say to those Bookhounds who are beginners like myself, keep going and happy running!

What’s on the top of your running playlist?

I don’t listen to music during my runs. I love running outdoors and listen to whatever sounds available – ideally in springtime birds singing. I kind of like to stay connected with my surroundings.

Who is your ultimate running hero?

Can I name two heroes please? Char and Jak, Bookhounds Top Dog and Sound Hound. Char and Jak ran 36 miles to celebrate Char’s 36 years’ birthday, and they finished the run with a sprint!

Cat or dog? 

Dog (my boyfriend definitely chooses cat for himself). I had two dogs in my early teens which gave me lots of sweet memories. So, dog.

Shorts or leggings?

Leggings. I don’t really find many occasions in the UK to wear shorts to be frank 😉

Tea or coffee?

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I feel something is not right if I don’t have my morning coffee. And I can’t easily feel asleep if I drink coffee in the afternoon.

Where’s the first place you wanted to run post-lockdown?

Princes Park in Liverpool. I miss parkrun in Princes Park. I once woke up at 3 minutes to 9am and still managed to join parkrun! The advantage of living in a flat 2 minutes away from the starting line. I have moved house now, but I should go back to Princes Park for a parkrun soon.

Where can other Bookhounds connect with you? (if you want them to?)

I don’t use social media much, probably Twitter @YanDing9.

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