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Member of the Month #2

Every month we introduce you to one of our wonderful Bookhounds.

This month we meet Egg, one of our Original Bookhounds. Egg runs a brilliant health and fitness charity called Move The Masses and is a lover of mud and hills.

Name: Egg Cameron (she/her)

Hometown: Salisbury

Current location: York

Occupation: Chief Executive and Founder of Move the Masses

Running style: Through mud?

What’s your favourite book about running?

I really loved ‘Running with Kenyans’ by Adharanand Finn. I spent quite a bit of time in Uganda and running is a huge part of the community there, the village I stayed in had a community run every morning at dawn, and people of all ages would just run together in this enormous group, I’d never seen anything like it. I think the culture of running in East Africa is so unique.

What’s your most unusual mid-run snack?

I don’t think it’s that unusual but I can’t get enough of a peanut butter and cucumber sandwich, cut into bitesize chunks. The cucumber totally takes away the peanut butter clag and makes it yummy and refreshing.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten post-run/race?

After the chilly Hathersage Fell Race in 2019, they served up hearty portions of freshly baked pie and mushy peas and it was so delicious. I don’t need anything fancy, just warm, big portions which are ready to go!

Tell us about a memorable run you’ve been on.

There are so many, a really memorable one was a 10k at the end of a triathlon in Anglesey. I’d never felt my legs come off like that, the run was almost entirely across sand dunes and I had to have a little sit down at 5k and give myself a talking to. It was a really hard race but a beautiful course.

Recommend a race for other Bookhounds to try.

One of my absolute faves is Race the Train in Tywyn. It usually takes place in August and there are several distances but the classic distance is about 14 miles of off-camber mud and trails. Your supporters can book a train ticket and if you time it right, you can wave to them from a couple of points on the route. Hardly anyone beats the train, but its great fun trying!

What’s on the top of your running playlist?

I never listen to music, just love to listen to the sounds around me and get lost in my own little running world. I did try downloading birdsong once, it’s not the same as just being outside and listening to it in real life.

Who is your ultimate running hero?

I’m a huge huge fan of Dina Asher Smith, I think she’s an awesome role model for young women and she’s just totally kick ass.

Cat or dog?

Dogs!! I love dogs so much and you can’t take a cat running with you, can you?! I have a three year old Pointer and he definitely keeps me fit and makes running a whole lot more fun.

Shorts or leggings?

Shorts! I rarely wear leggings and love my legs to feel freeee.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee, and only the good stuff, none of this instant rubbish. I take my Aeropress everywhere.

Where’s the first place you’d like to run post-lockdown?

I just want to head up to the North York Moors to my usual secret spot in the woods. It’s only 40 minutes away. In normal life I would go about twice a week to get some hilly trails, I’m really missing it.

Where can other Bookhounds connect with you?

I’m not a huge social media user, probably Twitter @egggoeshealthy or the dog’s instagram account @parkrun_pointer.

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